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    About Us

    From our hives to your home, from nature to you.
Honey, Bees & Skincare have been a lifelong passion, for the 4 of us at 3 Bee, for Helen & Tim it is their appreciation of Manuka Honey and Natural Skincare.
"Very simply I believed we could create a beautiful, simple, honest and effective range of care for the skin that would be a pleasure to use, nourish the skin and promote a healthy glow." says Helen.

For Dorje and Andrea it was their fascination with Bees and how this small beautiful little animal could produce something so totally amazing. As Dorje tells it "For thirty years I have been keeping bees and been fascinated with their habits and ability to make amazing products from the wilds of New Zealand · I spent a year Beekeeping in the remote parts of Montana USA and longed to bring this experience back home to NZ ."
Our collective desire to create our own skincare range, one that was pure, natural and highly effective using the amazing healing, nourishing and rejuvenating properties using our very own Manuka Honey, is what brought us together.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished, 3 Bee - Ultimate Natural Skincare is the result of our commitment, perseverance and absolute dedication to producing the highest quality skincare possible from the best natural ingredients available.

We are honored to be able to share these with you.
Aotearoa, New Zealand, land of the long white cloud.
Our place, the place we call home, glistening at the bottom of the South Pacific Ocean over 4000 miles from our nearest neighbour. Our country's rugged beauty, pure air and pristine water provides a first class environment to raise our bees and harvest our honey. Far from the bustle of towns and cities, our bees quietly go about their business in three remote, tranquil South Island locations surrounded by untouched wilderness, native bush and large back country stations. These un-paralleled locations mean our hives and our bees are amongst the healthiest in the world, they offer you the finest quality Manuka Honey possible and this is what we use in our ultimate natural skincare range.
Awatere Valley
Golden Bay
West Coast
These three stunning locations that are home to our bees, are where we drew inspiration from to name the skincare range...3Bee. Three very special places in Aotearoa, Awatere Valley in the Marlborough region, Golden Bay in the Tasman area and Kapatea on the Wild West Coast.

Awatere Valley - Marlborough.
Awatere is local Maori for 'fast-flowing river', the dominant feature lending its name to this pristine region on the East Coast of the South Island. The climate within the valley is heavily influenced by the ocean, the daytime sunlight is cooled by ocean winds creating a diurnal temperature shift giving the Awatere Valley a uniquely extended growing season. Perfect conditions for our Manuka flowers to flourish.
Golden Bay – Tasman.
We are so fortunate to have space in this five-star bee environment where our bees enjoy an extended season in what we consider to be the best South Island location for our hives. Home to the world renowned Te Waikoropupū Springs, regarded as the purest water in the world, it is a true nature-lovers paradise and this is where our bees bask in the beautiful Kahurangi National Park. Mostly undisturbed by man or machine, our bees are free to gather the very essence of nature's goodness and convert it within their tiny bodies to the raw natural products we lovingly use in our natural skincare.

West Coast.
By contrast, the wild West Coast of New Zealand's South Island provides our bees with another special factor, there is more native forest here than any other part of New Zealand and some high activity Manuka. Our bees don’t need to travel far from their hives to bring back the natural ingredients they then turn into our liquid gold. This is by far the most remote location of any of our hives, accessible only by 4WD giving our bees completely undisturbed spaces with only the cool westerly trade winds bringing pure uncontaminated air to New Zealand, for company.
The people we collaborate with in the rural environment are such an important part of apiculture, they are the caretakers of some of the most beautiful and lush land in the top of the South Island and they are our mates. They have the same passion and drive, environmental philosophy and motivation to do the best they can with their farming practices while treading lightly on the land.
Our small but talented sales, marketing and office team at 3Bee was formed through people we were connected to from past experiences and acquaintances who love our approach and style to producing honey and natural skincare. Just like the four owners, the team bring knowledge and experience from past industries. The ‘never stop learning’ attitude that we promote encourages constant idea sharing that evolves to good systems, communication and some cracking good initiatives because we’ve listened to each other.