From our hives to your home, from nature to you.

With a many and varied collection of careers behind us: mussel farming, fishing operations, cattle ranching, globe sailing, restaurant chef, kid wrangling, and gold mining amongst them, it was time for the four of us at 3Bee to engage our lifelong passion for Honey, Bees and Skincare.

3Bee Honey WorkersFreshly untangled from a successful corporate career and with three children now happily established at school, Andrea and Dorje were excited to realise their dream to build a honeybee enterprise. Their inspiration is borne from a deep respect for bees and how this fascinating little animal produces many precious, perfect natural essences and a long-suppressed desire to get out into the spectacular wilderness throughout the top of the South Island.

And so, they set about establishing beehives bursting with health, creating positive partnerships with local landowners and fulfilling that soul-soothing, primal satisfaction that comes from interacting closely with nature. Only good things can come from this! 

They just needed someone to share the excitement with…

Meanwhile, immersed in the breath-taking wilderness of the South Island’s West Coast, Tim and Helen felt a need to share their love of simple, back-to-nature wellbeing with the world. So, it was destiny when Dorje called his old mate Tim and said ‘Let’s do honey!’ 

With creative Helen as the driving force, it became obvious that the amazing health benefits of Manuka honey needed multiple product formats to reach more people. So, Tim and Helen set about formulating a skincare range that included this very finest of nature’s skin foods; 3Bee Manuka honey. 

“Very simply I believed we could create a beautiful, honest and effective range of care for the skin that would be a pleasure to use, nourish and rejuvenate the skin and promote a healthy glow." says Helen. 

Our collective desire to share the amazing health benefits that our very own 3Bee Manuka honey offers both to skin and within is what brought us together. And so, 3Bee Ultimate Natural Honey and Skincare was born. Ta da!

Since inception, 3Bee has grown to a staff of 9 enthusiastic, hard-working and slightly eccentric, good folk that love what they do and do it very well.
3Bee is all about happy humans, healthy bees and pure wilderness combining their best efforts to produce an outstanding range of honey and Natural Skincare that we are extremely proud to share with you.

Our Land

Aotearoa, New Zealand, land of the long white cloud.

Our place, the place we call home, glistening at the bottom of the South Pacific Ocean over 4000 miles from our nearest neighbour. Our country's rugged beauty, pure air and pristine water provides a first-class environment to raise our bees and harvest our honey.