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    Superfood for skin and within.
Our hives and our bees are amongst the healthiest in the world, they offer you the finest quality Manuka Honey possible.

The Manuka Honey that 3Bee proudly brings to you is the culmination of several exceptional elements; the very essence of New Zealand’s wild, pristine manuka forest is painstakingly collected and crafted into a precious superfood by our courageous little bees. With the utmost respect to this wondrous extraction and its origins, we then lovingly harvest and bottle it for your delight.

Traditionally used by Maori, Aoteroa’s indigenous people, the manuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium) was revered for its ability to assist wound healing with its infection-fighting, anti-inflammatory properties. 3Bee Manuka Honey contains methylgloxyl (MGO), a sugar molecule found in tiny amounts in most honey but when our bees forage nectar from New Zealand’s native Manuka bush and convert it in their tiny bodies, the resulting honey can contain up to 100X the amount of MGO found in any other honey.

Whilst most honey displays some antimicrobial qualities, attributed to the presence of hydrogen peroxide (a naturally-occurring bleach that is deadly to bacteria), 3Bee Manuka Honey includes additional health-promoting benefits bestowed by high methylgloxyl; 100+ or 200+ MGO mg/kg, the unique active ingredient that makes Manuka Honey so special. Widely valued for its unique health promoting properties, science continues to qualify the healing powers of Manuka honey.

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The honey for every occasion! Our 3Bee Manuka Honey 100+ MGO embodies the very essence of our wild, pristine manuka forest, the flavor is rich, complex, primal. Includes all the added health-promoting benefits of active MGO.

3Bee ensures the unique MGO component found in Manuka honey is independently tested to provide consumers the guarantee and reassurance that MGO is at the level stated.

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3bee manuka honey cleanser
A flavour adventure! A stronger brew for the those seeking more of what makes our Manuka Honey uniquely special. Components found in very high concentrations but only in Manuka Honey, all 3Bee Manuka Honey is independently tested to provide consumers the guarantee & reassurance that the MGO is at the levels stated.

A loving spoonful of complex, bittersweet flavours with multiple health-promoting benefits. Use 3Bee Manuka honey as a superfood sweetener; great for glazing meat, add a spoonful to drinks, drizzle it on your favourite breakfast cereal or toast, add flavour layers to cakes and biscuits sauces, pickles, marinades and salad dressings.

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