Our country's rugged, majestic landscapes, pure air and freshest water combine to provide the world's most pristine environment to raise our bees and harvest our honey. 

Our bee's homes are what gives us our name, three very special parts of New Zealand’s ruggedly beautiful South Island; Awatere Valley - Marlborough, Golden Bay and Tasman Bay... 3Bee. 

Our hives thrive far from the bustle of cities and towns, in the remotest tranquility of the untouched wilderness of this amazing country. These un-paralleled locations mean our hives and our bees are amongst the healthiest in the world, they offer you the finest quality Manuka Honey possible and this is what we use in our ultimate natural skincare range.

Awatere Valley - Marlborough.
Awatere is local Maori for 'fast-flowing river', the dominant feature lending its name to this pristine region on the East Coast of the South Island. The climate within the valley is heavily influenced by the ocean, the daytime sunlight is cooled by ocean winds creating a diurnal temperature shift giving the Awatere Valley a uniquely extended growing season. Perfect conditions for Manuka flowers to flourish.
Awatere Honey


Golden Bay
We are so fortunate to have space in this five-star bee environment where our bees enjoy an extended season in what we consider to be the best South Island location for our hives. Home to the world renowned Te Waikoropupū Springs, regarded as the purest water in the world, it is a true nature-lovers paradise and this is where our bees bask in the beautiful Kahurangi National Park. Mostly undisturbed by man or machine, our bees are free to gather the very essence of nature's goodness and convert it within their tiny bodies to the raw natural products we lovingly use in our natural skincare.
Golden Bay Honey

Tasman Bay
Literally the beauty in our backyard. Encompassing multiple National Parks, hills, rivers, beaches, bays and ever-present sunshine. Tasman Bay is the home of 3Bee, nestled in the spacious back blocks of the Waimea plains, our bees, bee keepers and office ninja’s come and go from our base like bees from the hive. We have many apiary sites dotted throughout the region in picturesque valleys and hillsides growing stands of native bush.
Waimea Plains