Simply put, 3Bee provides a top-quality service in conveying New Zealand’s finest Manuka honey from healthy hives in the remotest locations of the South Island to homes all over the world. With deepest respect for bees, people and nature 3Bee strives to convey this legacy of excellence to you by guaranteeing this purest essence of nature reaches you in supreme quality.

From Our Hives to your Home:

Our bees have worked tirelessly to gather nectar and pollen from the flowers of New Zealand’s unique Mānuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium) located in remote, pristine areas throughout the top of New Zealand's South Island. Locales on which few people will ever set foot.

Meet our

Our Workforce

Our passionate beekeepers strive to maintain the health and wellbeing of our hives and the tiny, powerful workforce within that play a significant role in keeping our planet alive. This precious honey, nature’s purest essence is carefully collected ensuring ample is left on the hive to nourish and sustain the bees.

The Process

In one uncomplicated process honey is spun from the wax comb and decanted into drums in a certified extraction and packaging facility. From here honey may be blended or creamed according to customer needs. Every aspect of this process is critically managed to surpass all quality, hygiene and purity standards.


Highest quality honey is premium packed into our own 3Bee brand or white label packed to customer specifications. Every honey batch is independently tested for purity and authenticity, and in the case of Mānuka honey, the stringent requirements that must be met to label honey as Mānuka and assign its appropriate UMF factor or MG (Methylglyoxyl) rating. 


3Bee prides itself on establishing respectful, trusting relationships with landowners, suppliers and customers. Our integrity and uncompromising resolve for customer satisfaction ensures that our customers become our friends.

Grand finale

Then the best bit of all: delicious, authentic, raw honey spread on toast, for sweetening refreshing drinks and home-baking, perfect for marinating meats or licked straight off a spoon. 3Bee honey reaches your home in the same perfect quality as our bees enjoy back in the pristine wilderness of New Zealand.


Monofloral Manuka Honey

Mānuka Honey is made exclusively by bees foraging nectar and pollen from New Zealand’s indigenous Mānuka flower (Leptospermum scoparium). New Zealand Mānuka Honey is world-renowned for its healing properties and ranks as the most extensively researched therapeutic honey in the world.

MGO (methylglyoxyl) and UMF™ (Unique Mānuka Factor) are both trusted Mānuka Honey grading systems used to indicate the  potency of mānuka-derived antibacterial compounds. Both grading systems measure MGO content whilst UMF™ grading measures additional signature compounds: Leptosperin, DHA and HMF.

Though UMF™ and MGO grading systems measure the strength of Mānuka Honey differently, a direct correlation exists between MGO concentration and Mānuka Honey's unique antibacterial Non-Peroxide Activity (as measured within the UMF™ grading system). 

3Bee Premium Mānuka Honey is harvested, tested, certified and packed in New Zealand ensuring every jar is of the highest quality and authenticity.  3Bee offers Monofloral Mānuka Honey independently analysed and certified for quality, purity and authenticity by both of these respected honey grading systems. The rankings are clearly displayed on the front label of every jar. 

Please see for further information on the grading system and UMF™ quality trademark.

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Available in 5+, 10+, 15+ and 20+ 250g & 500g

Minimum order quantities apply.